5S Floor Markings for Industrial Facility Organization & Safety

Is your warehouse or manufacturing facility in the process of implementing the 5S system to increase efficiency and improve safety? Floor markings can be an important part of your 5S initiative, adding value to all 5 pillars of the 5S process.

At Surface Technology, we specialize in durable, long-lasting 5S floor markings that stand up to even the most difficult warehousing and manufacturing conditions including forklift and truck traffic, extreme cold, moisture, and chemical spills.

We understand OSHA floor marking requirements and standards for safety, too.

In fact, since 1988, the Surface Technology team has been providing superior industrial flooring and coating solutions to some of the nation’s most respected companies like:

Ford impact resistant flooring
ExxonMobil impact resistant epoxy flooring
Pfizer chemical lab flooring
Boeing aircraft flooring
Johnson & Johnson laboratory flooring solutions
And many more…

How 5S Floor Markings Help You Implement the Five Pillars

Pillar 1 – Sort

The first step in 5S is sorting workspace areas to remove waste and unneeded items, creating a more organized workspace. Adding industrial floor marking that designates appropriate waste areas contributes to this pillar and establishes a central location that employees will come to know and use over time.

Pillar 2 – Set in Order

The next pillar focuses on establishing a cohesive workspace, where everything has its place. Floor markings can be particularly useful here, especially when it comes to safety concerns. For example, floor markings that designate specific areas for pallet jacks, chemical storage, or other hazards can effectively reduce preventable accidents, while keeping the manufacturing or warehouse floor cleaner and more efficient.

Pillar 3 – Shine

The shine pillar focuses on keeping areas clean. Cleanliness contributes to overall safety and organization. Floor markings can help with this principle by providing visual cues to employees to locate appropriate cleaning supplies. Designated waste areas can also contribute to keeping areas clean and organized.

Pillar 4 – Standardize

The standardize pillar focuses on taking stock of the progress you’ve made with the first 3 pillars and continuing the process for further improvement. You’ll be able to take stock in your progress as you observe how the new floor markings are being utilized. Floor markings can also be a great visual cue to let you know when procedures have gotten off track.

Pillar 5 – Sustain

The final pillar focuses on sustaining the new system for the long haul. Floor markings are particularly helpful here since they are designed to be long-lasting and durable. Our floor markings won’t fade or crack over time and they don’t flake off. That means your floor markings will continue to serve as visual reminders that sustain your process for years to come.


At Surface Technology, we often think of 5S as 6S, adding Safety as one of the pillars of the organizational process. When you do the work of the first 5 pillars, increased safety is often a natural result. After all, when things are properly cleaned, sorted, and organized, accidents don’t happen as often. However, it can be useful to reinforce safety throughout your plant or warehouse with specific reminders. Our floor markings can be customized to provide visual safety reminders to meet OSHA requirements or the needs of your operation.

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