Abrasion Resistant Flooring Installation for Industrial Facilities

Abrasion is the result of scraping or wearing away a surface. It can occur as a side effect of friction between equipment and surfaces in industrial environments or just frequent walking. Forklifts and similar vehicles are common sources of abrasion in workplaces where they are utilized regularly. Installing a heavy-duty resin coating is the proper long-term solution.

What is Abrasion Resistant Flooring?

Abrasion resistance refers to a coating’s resistance to wear due to abrasion or impact, allowing the system to continue to give complete protection to the substrate. The best resin coating is one that combines hardness and flexibility. An impact may fracture the system down to the substrate if a coating isn’t tough enough.

However, the harder you make a coating, the more brittle it becomes, thus hardness must be kept in check with flexibility. Abrasion occurs when two rough surfaces come into contact; therefore, a system’s smoothness is crucial.

The Benefits of Using High-Impact Resins in Industrial Settings

Resins such as epoxy are strong, rapid-drying protective coatings that are resistant to particle abrasion. This abrasion-resistant covering protects against acids, hydraulic fluids, oils, chemicals, heating agents, corrosion, and significant impacts. It also provides a shiny surface which can enhance the brightness of your building and it is easy to clean.

Unsure about which abrasion-resistant resin flooring system to choose? Download our whitepaper, “Tips on Selecting the Right Industrial Flooring System” for a guide to help you pick the best resin to protect your industrial floor.

Steps Involved in the Installation Process

Installing an abrasion-resistant resin floor system in an industrial or commercial environment should not be a DIY project. Resin is a multi-part chemical that must be mixed in exact proportions to achieve professional results. The following are the basic steps involved in our process:

  1. An initial consultation and site survey.
  2. A customized, detailed proposal.
  3. Communication with your STI Project Manager to coordinate schedules, material delivery, and installation.
  4. Expert floor prep and installation.
  5. Yearly visits backed by our 10-year material and labor warranty.
cleaning floor for epoxy coating

Surface Technology is The Abrasion Resistant Flooring Installation Expert

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