Epoxy Mortar Flooring Installation for Industrial Facilities

Epoxy mortar industrial flooring installation is a process that can give your concrete floors a fresh appearance, long-lasting durability, and a safer surface. Regardless of the size of the repair, we can help. Our epoxy mortar flooring system is affordable and effective, and we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right and on time, every time.

What is Epoxy Mortar Flooring?

Epoxy mortar is a high-performance, long-lasting flooring material that goes on top of an eroding concrete slab or any other area where the concrete slab has been extensively damaged. Mortar floor systems combine epoxy or urethane with graded sand and troweling, and is used in industrial facilities for the following purposes:

  • Protecting the floor from future damage. Epoxy mortar is strong and durable ensuring years of safe use.
  • Covering existing damage. As concrete erodes it presents an aesthetic issue as well as a safety concern.
  • Provide a sloping floor. Since it is not as fluid as urethane, epoxy mortar flooring can be built up to add a slight slope to an existing slab.

Epoxy Mortar Flooring System Installation

All of our epoxy flooring installations meet rigorous standards of craftsmanship, design, and aesthetic innovation while providing unmatched durability to withstand impacts and abrasions.

The Surface Technology installation process includes: 

  1. An initial consultation to get to know more about your facility and your goals.
  2. Preparation of the surface with a diamond grinding wheel or shot blast machine. Removal of all dust and debris. Then, fill any cracks and holes as needed.
  3. Roll on epoxy primer.
  4. Apply a mortar coat, grout coat, and topcoat to finish.
  5. Yearly site visits along with our 10-year material and labor warranty for the highest quality assurance.

Signs That My Floor Needs Resurfacing

Even though you may not need to repair a crack as soon as you notice it, areas that receive heavy equipment traffic can rapidly erode. A pothole or crack can cause someone to trip and fall, severely injuring themselves. They can also become an equipment hazard with heavy dollies and forklifts rolling over them. Resurfacing as soon as possible is the best way to avoid these hazardous situations.

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Why Surface Technology Inc.?

Surface Technology is a nationwide leader in providing industrial epoxy flooring solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. We are a trusted and respected epoxy flooring company that specializes in the custom design and installation of industrial resin flooring. When it is time to think about a new flooring system for your industrial facility, call Surface Technology at 1-800-776-5328 or contact us online.

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