Commercial Vehicular & Pedestrian High Traffic Concrete Coatings

(Please note: we do not perform residential work)

Parking decks and commercial garage floors face many challenges that other industrial flooring scenarios do not often encounter:

  • High water volume during heavy rain, snow, and sleet
  • Repeated freeze and thaw cycles
  • Moisture penetration causing corrosion of re-bars, even though buried in concrete
  • Road salt, gravel, and sand brought in on tires
  • Hot tire pick up (hot tires can sometimes peel up the top layer of sealant when gaining traction.)
  • Constant weight and movement of heavy vehicles
  • Spills of oil, fuel, solvent, and other harsh chemicals
  • Workers in vehicle repair garages often drop heavy tools, and slip resistance is needed to ensure their safety
Vehicular & Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

If facility owners do not address the integrity of their garage flooring, the structural reliability of elevated parking slabs could be permanently compromised.

Any facility that is used for regular vehicular or pedestrian traffic must ensure it has a flooring surface that is clean, bright, safe, and structurally sound. These facilities include high-rise offices or condominiums, healthcare facilities, sports stadiums, pedestrian bridges, public parking garages, vehicle maintenance operations, and so much more.

Regular users of these parking facilities come to rely on this space every day. Don’t let major structural issues prevent access for long periods of extensive repair. Surface Technology, Inc. can install a wide variety of epoxy floor coatings and elastomeric waterproofing membranes to help preserve the underlying concrete, help enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of a concrete garage floor. Plus, Surface Technology has the only Rapid Response Epoxy Flooring Team in the country and can deploy workforce, equipment, and materials anywhere in the contiguous United States within 48 hours.

Benefits of Polymer Floor Coatings in Parking Garages

automotive facility epoxy flooring

The right parking garage flooring system can help reduce energy costs. Resinous floor coatings can provide a more rapid return-on-investment through reduced maintenance requirements and ease of cleaning. Because the surface is waterproof, facility owners can use high-pressure hoses when cleaning is needed. Installing a lighter-colored floor can help improve light reflectivity by multiplying the effect of existing light, potentially reducing power costs.

There are safety considerations as well. Our solutions provide anti-skid performance for both pedestrians and vehicles. It can be challenging to keep multi-level parking garages well-lit, particularly those that open around the clock. The higher light-reflectivity of our resinous flooring solutions can help improve pedestrian comfort in your facility after dark.

flooring for car repair shops

Benefits of Resinous Floor Systems in Commercial Vehicle Operations

In a commercial garage or vehicle repair facility, the floor is exposed to harsh elements and the weight and abrasion of heavy vehicles. There will be frequent oil spills, fuel leaks, and drips of solvents that will absorb into an unsealed concrete floor, causing both an unsightly stain and an accumulation of chemicals that could leach into soil and groundwater. Even the most careful professional technicians can drop heavy, sharp tools. These scenarios make puncture resistance an essential feature of the flooring systems, as is slip resistance to enhance worker safety. Epoxy and urethane floor coatings for commercial garages meet these requirements and can be laid out with different colors and areas to adhere to OSHA regulations.

We’ve designed flooring solutions for a variety of vehicle maintenance facilities, including:

  • Automotive service bays
  • Body shops
  • Service centers
  • Car dealerships
  • Showrooms
  • And many more!

The Right Products for the Right Garage Environment

One industry leader manufactures an excellent line of materials, but they only install their own proprietary product. They have done a fantastic job marketing their name, but it is essential to know that many other premium floor coating manufacturers have created top-quality products; each product has different qualities and benefits. Talk to the industry experts at Surface Technology about what custom solutions are suitable for your garage facility’s application.

Because we are multi-manufacturer certified, we have access to a broad range of products to meet the specific needs of your facility. Our seamless epoxy flooring solutions include a wide variety of formulations to help ensure parking garages and vehicle maintenance facilities have a full range of solutions from which they can choose.

Surface Technology, Inc. offers a wide variety of high-performance parking deck coating systems, including:

  • Coating products that can adhere to damp concrete surfaces
  • Products that can cure in cold environments
  • Systems that allow business as usual to resume within two hours of the coating application

These unique properties can significantly lower installation labor costs—and help parking garages get back up and running as quickly as possible.

No matter what your need, the experienced team at Surface Technology Inc. can visit your facility to discuss a custom solution.

No matter what your need, the experienced team at Surface Technology Inc. can visit your commercial parking garage or vehicle maintenance facility to discuss a custom solution.

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