Conductive and ESD Flooring Installation for Industrial Facilities

When you work with sensitive electronic equipment, flammable, or combustible materials, electrostatic discharge can cost your facility time and money, and may even be a health risk. Having the right type of flooring for electronic applications can make your facility safer and prevent damage from electrostatic discharge.

Any ESD flooring installation needs to meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard and should be installed by a seasoned expert. This includes both flooring tiles and epoxy coatings.

What is ESD Flooring?

ESD flooring is a specialized type of flooring that is designed to protect electronic equipment from damage caused by this electrostatic discharge. While ESD tiles may be used in office spaces, industrial and warehouse spaces typically use special epoxy or urethane coatings applied over a concrete subfloor to create a conductive surface that dissipates electrostatic charges by sending them to a ground before they can cause damage to sensitive equipment.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Discharge Flooring

ESD flooring is an important part of any facility that manufactures or uses sensitive electronic equipment. By dissipating electrostatic charges, ESD flooring protects against damage to equipment and helps to ensure the quality and reliability of finished products. In addition, ESD flooring can help to reduce the risk of fires caused by static discharge.

ESD conductive flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for cleanroom applications.

Industrial flooring for Electronics and ESD Conductive

Our Process for Installing ESD Flooring

Anti-static and conductive flooring must be professionally installed to work correctly. There are specific grounding requirements that must be met for the floor to provide the necessary protection.

The Surface Technology installation process includes:

    1. Initial consultation and site survey to get to know more about your facility and your goals.
    2. Customized, detailed proposal.
    3. STI Project Manager will closely coordinate schedule, material delivery, floor prep, and installation.
    4. Installation performed by trained resinous flooring professionals (averaging over 20 years of experience).
    5. Yearly site visits along with our 10-year material and labor warranty for the highest quality assurance.

Why Surface Technology Inc.?

Surface Technology is a licensed industrial flooring contractor, able to complete projects in industrial plants anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Learn more about our quick turnaround services.

Our experts know the right products and the proper installation techniques for any electrostatic discharge flooring installation. All of our ESD flooring products meet or exceed the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard. We bring over 35 years of innovation and problem solving into finding a solution for your conductive flooring needs. Learn more about the STI difference.

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