USDA Approved Epoxy Flooring for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

When it comes to food processing flooring, maintaining a hygienic facility is paramount. You need durable, high-performance food-grade flooring that can stand up to the rigors of frequent cleaning, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, high foot traffic, and much more. You also want flooring that discourages bacterial growth and provides a safe, non-slip surface to keep employees safe.

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antimicrobial flooring for food processing

At Surface Technology, we install high-quality seamless USDA approved flooring, coating, and lining systems for a variety of food processing applications, including:

  • Dry and cold storage areas
  • Mixing and canning facilities
  • Meat packing and rendering operations
  • Food packaging facilities
  • Bottling operations
  • Seafood processing
  • Sugar industry operations
  • Vegetable processing
  • Soft drink, wine, and beer processing plants
  • Commercial bakeries
  • Egg and poultry processing
  • And many more

We install a variety of resin floor coatings, including USDA approved epoxy flooring, urethane, acrylic (MMA), polyurea, and others. The coating that’s right for your facility will depend on your unique needs, your budget, and other environmental factors. That’s why we actively collaborate with you to design a flooring solution that’s perfect for your needs.

Our seamless food industry flooring solutions are:

  • USDA approved
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Antibacterial
  • Skid-resistant for safety

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As a leading resin flooring installation contractor since 1988, Surface Technology has earned a solid reputation for superior quality. In fact, many nationally-recognized brands have entrusted us with the flooring installation in their beverage and food processing facilities including:

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