Electronics / ESD Conductive Flooring Solutions

In most settings electrostatic discharge is harmless and results in a mild shock. But when you work with sensitive equipment, flammable or combustible materials, electrostatic discharge costs your facility money, and even carries the risk of potential loss of life.

The ESD Association estimates that electrostatic discharge costs the electronic’s industry an estimated $5 billion per year.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can make your facility safer and prevent damage from electrostatic discharge.

Surface Technology’s nonporous, anti-static, custom flooring products for electronic’s applications can help:

  • Dissipate damaging static charges
  • Resist chemicals and abrasions
  • Control dust
  • Reduce solvent fumes
  • Increase light reflectivity up to 300%
ESD Warning Sign

ESD flooring and conductive flooring is an important safety measure for many industries and applications, including:

  • Computer and circuit board manufacturing
  • Global electronic component production
  • Industrial instruments and controls assembly
  • Semiconductor device fabrication
  • Telecommunications, photography, and lighting services
  • Engineering, biomedical and laser processing
  • Medical facilities
  • Data centers
  • Clean rooms
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Explosives facilities
  • Combustible powder facilities
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Defense

Why Work with Us?

Proper Installation is Critical

Anti-static and conductive flooring must be properly installed to work correctly. Our team is fully trained and experienced in the best, modern installation techniques.

Surface Technology’s electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive floors are part of a larger system that control and channel static charges to reduce the risks to personnel, equipment, materials, and manufactured goods. All of our ESD flooring products meet or exceed the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.

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