Impact Resistant Flooring Installation for Industrial Facilities

When installing impact-resistant industrial flooring, it is essential to use a resin coating specifically designed for this purpose. Industrial floors take a beating daily and can quickly show wear and tear. These high-impact coatings can help reduce the amount of damage done to the floor and prolong its life.

Types of Impact Resistant Flooring

There are many types of impact-resistant resin flooring systems that can be used for industrial applications:

    1. Epoxy – Epoxies are one of the most common coatings used for industrial floors. They are durable and can withstand significant operational abuse. Additionally, epoxies are resistant to most chemicals and solvents.
    2. Urethanes, such as urethane cement, also known as urethane concrete, offers superior impact, abrasion, chemical resistance, as well as thermal shock and hydrostatic vapor protection.

Every job performed by Surface Technology is a custom job and may include multiple resin types. We are experts in all resin systems and your project will be customized with the right solution based on your requirements.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Flooring Systems

Once the appropriate resin coating has been selected, the floor must be prepared for installation. The surface must be clean, dry, and free of debris or contaminants. If the surface is not prepared, the resin coating will not adhere correctly and could peel or chip over time.

Using an impact-resistant coating will prolong the life of your industrial floor, reduce the damage done by routine impact, and keep your workplace looking great for years to come. Other benefits include:

  • Resistance to numerous chemicals, such as solvents and acids.
  • Because of the fast application, there is minimal work interruption.
  • Resin floors are easy to maintain.
install epoxy flooring in manufacturing plant

Our Process for High-Value Industrial Flooring Installation

Since 1988, Surface Technology has worked with facility owners, design build firms, construction management firms, and general contractors to provide industrial flooring solutions for projects ranging in size from 1,000 to more than 1,000,000 square feet. As a deadline-focused contractor, we’ve developed a proven process that ensures successful results time after time.

    1. Initial consultation
    2. Customized, detailed proposal
    3. Floor preparation
    4. Impact resistant flooring installation
    5. Quality assurance

Surface Technology is The Impact Resistant Flooring Installation Expert

Surface Technology is a licensed industrial flooring contractor, able to complete projects in industrial facilities anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Learn more about our quick turnaround services.

Our experts know the right products and the proper installation techniques for any industrial or commercial flooring challenge. We bring over 35 years of innovation and problem solving into finding a solution for your flooring needs. You can rely on us for superior flooring, coating, and lining. Learn more about the STI difference.

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