Industrial Resin for Fish, Poultry, and Meat Processing Flooring

With billions of pounds of meat being processed each year, it is essential that U.S.-based processing factories have industrial flooring solutions capable of standing up to rigorous daily use. Busy processing factories across the United States need industrial flooring that can hold up day after day. Resin floor and wall systems provide an ideal solution for facilities looking for industrial-strength options for their meat processing floors.

Sanitation is a top concern for facilities in this field. Industrial resin flooring systems provide a smooth, nonporous, protective coating that helps to mitigate bacteria growth and prevent food contamination.

meat processing epoxy flooring

Surface Technology is the Meat Processing Flooring Expert

Commercial applications of these floor coatings, in combination with a tried-and-true process and skilled installers, produce a seamless surface fit for the food processing industry. Industrial resin can handle foot traffic, machinery, spills, and exposure to different fluids. Companies choose this option because it is easy to clean, can help facilities maintain USDA facility standards, and it can be installed with minimal downtime. Read our whitepaper, “Tips on Selecting the Right Flooring System for Food & Beverage Operations” for more professional tips from expert installers.

Resin flooring systems and industrial epoxy is an excellent solution for factories that specialize in:

  • Chicken Processing
  • Turkey and poultry processing
  • Beef processing
  • Pork and sausage processing
  • Fish and seafood processing
  • Other specialty meat processing and packaging

Urethane cement resin is a popular choice for meat processing flooring because of its long-lasting floor protection, chemical resistance, and seamless surface. It is a reliable, heavy-duty finish system that is ideal for wet environments and can be applied over concrete floors.

The Surface Technology team combines a proven process, qualified professionals, premium products, and long-term performance to create quality results for businesses in the fish, poultry, and meat processing industry. Our team of specialists can help you choose the best flooring for your project, assess and prep your space, install high-quality wall and flooring systems, and offer quality assurance to give you lasting results.

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