Wallenius Wilhelmsen Baltimore 40,000 Sq Ft Urethane Cement Flooring Project

Project At a Glance

Our client, Wallenius Wilhemsen, is an international shipping and logistics company that specializes in transporting high-end vehicles across the world. The company’s location at The Port of Baltimore, was undergoing an overall upgrade, which included the facility’s flooring.

The facility’s square footage is approximately 40,000 sq ft, and the company required a flooring solution that was durable and visually appealing, to meet the expectations of their valued clients. The estimated timeline for this project was under 3 weeks, with a return to full service 24 hours from the final completion of the project.

urethane cement floor project

Materials and Process

Our Process

  1. We removed the existing paint from the asphalt surface via shotblasting and diamond grinding, which also created a profile acceptable for a high-performance urethane cement topping.
  2. Our team identified and repaired the cracks and small holes in the flooring, using 100% polymer patching compound.
  3. The new urethane cement topping was applied as a ¼” monolithic surface, with a chemical resistant urethane finish coat that will also provide superior UV protection and mar resistance. The final finish also included an anti-slip texture for traction and safety.


  • Urethane Cement Flooring Base: Tnemec – Ultra-Tread MVT (Series 241)
  • Epoxy Intermediate: Tnemec – Deco-Tread, Series 222 modified polyamine epoxy
  • Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU) Finish: Tnemec – Everthane, Series 248
  • Flooring Texture: Medium quartz anti-slip
  • Flooring Color: Slate Gray

Project Challenges

Our team was up against more than a few challenges to get the facility up to the standards needed for the company’s fast-approaching contract start date. The original flooring had multiple elevations and deviations that needed to be properly leveled through patching and regrading. This involved a heavy amount of prep work with a short timeframe for completion. Additionally, the facility was located in an old Baltimore port warehouse that did not have an HVAC system.

STI's Solution

Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s objective was to upgrade its flooring to meet the standards of its client. Our solution was to remove any previously installed finishes to get down to the substrate, fill and repair any inconsistencies in the floor, and install a high-performance Urethane Cement flooring. The results of the project created a floor that would look the part while also being able to withstand the impact, abrasion and chemical resistance requirements that come with operating a first-class automotive logistics and repair facility.

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