4 Signs Your Manufacturing Flooring Needs Maintenance

Concrete is one of the most popular choices for manufacturing flooring, and for good reason. It is affordable, holds up better against the elements, and is strong enough to handle heavy machinery without breaking down as quickly and easily as other materials. While industrial concrete manufacturing flooring is more durable than other options, it can still require regular maintenance and replacement after time.

If you notice any of these four signs, it might be time to upgrade your manufacturing facility’s flooring:

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1. Noticeable Cracks and Holes in the Floor

While concrete makes for a solid base for a manufacturing plant floor, the stress of high traffic, heavy-duty use, and natural occurrences can lead to cracking. In some cases, minor cracks may not be a cause for concern. However, concrete cracks and holes can create hazardous risks that threaten to damage equipment, hurt your product, and cause harm to your staff. Ignoring the cracks could even lead to further deterioration and more expensive repairs.

Even at times when the cracks aren’t a safety hazard, they may be an eyesore. Consult a professional with expertise in concrete restoration to help restore your manufacturing plant flooring to your aesthetic preferences. An epoxy flooring company like Surface Technology, Inc. can fix cracks and holes using a thorough process, skilled expert technicians, and epoxy resin coatings to restore and protect your building’s industrial floors.

2. On-Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips, trips, and falls are legitimate safety concerns for manufacturing plant facilities. They are one of the most common types of workplace injuries and account for significant lost production time and added costs for employers and building owners. These accidents can occur when there is a mishap with pronounced cracks and holes in flooring. They can also occur when employees and staff members work on slippery floors.

One way to lower the potential risk of slip and fall accidents is to invest in an industrial epoxy flooring system with anti-slip properties. Using industrial resin floor coatings, you can help create a safer workspace for staff members. If someone has recently had an accident at your industrial location, you’ll likely want to consider updating your flooring.

3. Excessive Wear and Tear

Over time, all manufacturing flooring will start to show signs of wear and tear. This is perfectly normal and to be expected with any type of flooring system. However, if the wear and tear is excessive, it might be time to schedule flooring maintenance.

Excessive wear and tear can happen for assorted reasons. It could be due to the type of equipment being used, which is putting stress on the floor. Or it could simply be from years of foot traffic and regular use. No matter the cause, if your floor is starting to show excessive wear, it’s time to consider a new industrial flooring system.

Many versatile resins are colloquially referred to as “epoxy”, each with different characteristics. Today, more manufacturing facilities are using urethane cement, an epoxy resin that helps with thermal shock protection. A weak point of defense for other resins, urethane cement can create a moisture vapor barrier, blocking water from coming up from the ground and through the floor. This type of flooring solution is especially recommended in older buildings where, historically, floors don’t typically have vapor protection.

4. Your Industrial/Commercial Flooring Needs a fresh look

One way to know if your manufacturing flooring is due for an update is by looking at the condition of the flooring. Is it worn down, flaking and peeling? Has your in-house team been bogged down trying to keep up with the floor repairs, going back repeatedly fixing mistakes that seem to show up after a brief period? If your building’s floors aren’t looking their best and could use a refresh, consider calling a professional epoxy flooring contractor instead. A company with decades of experience can help get your team back to work on what matters and give you long-term results that are less high maintenance.

Many people mistakenly apply epoxy paint as a surface solution when the better choice is industrial epoxy or resin floor coatings. The results may look great at first, but there is a big difference between epoxy paint and epoxy flooring — the paint simply does not have the durability and other benefits needed to stand up to the needs of a commercial manufacturing plant floor.

Epoxy flooring can be applied over the existing concrete and other surfaces to create a durable protective layer. This makes it an ideal solution for industrial manufacturing floors that are subject to harsh chemicals or other substances used in the manufacturing process. Installing an epoxy flooring system, which includes surface preparation and careful epoxy resin pouring, can create excellent-looking results that are also high-performing.

What to Do if Your Manufacturing Flooring Needs Maintenance

If you’re considering installing epoxy in your facility, it’s important to find an installer who has experience working with industrial environments like yours. The process requires specialized knowledge and a proven process for quality results.

Surface Technology is a nationwide leader in supplying epoxy flooring solutions for industrial customers. We are a trusted and respected contractor that specializes in the custom design and installation of resin floors for industrial facilities. We collaborate closely with you to determine the needs of your facility and create a flooring solution that customized to your company’s needs.

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