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Quick Guide: The Best Coatings for Brewery Flooring

When selecting flooring for your brewery, it’s important to consider options that will withstand the constant exposure to traffic and substances. Poured flooring is an ideal choice due to its superior protection and durability. Here is a guide to the best choice for brewery flooring. Ideal Flooring Conditions for Breweries Like other facilities in the…

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Loss Prevention & Disaster Recovery for Industrial Flooring

Facility managers know the importance of mitigating risks, and the need for a clear action plan in the event a disaster does occur. Disasters at commercial facilities such as food processing plants, pharmaceutical operations, manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, and other factories and warehousing operations can take many forms: Chemical spills Fires Floods Earthquakes All…

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Industrial and Commercial Businesses: Be Ready for Recovery

Book Your Industrial Epoxy Flooring Projects Now Although current conditions require us to prioritize projects – focusing on mission-critical projects in critical sectors such as healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing – Surface Technology, Inc. is encouraging all facility managers to prepare for recovery. When your operations can return to normal, there will be a high…

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