Chemical Resistance: Selecting the Right Industrial Laboratory Flooring Solution

There are many factors to consider when looking for laboratory flooring. Creating a clean and safe environment for research, testing, and scientific development involves finding flooring solutions with chemical resistance. Overlooking this component of your lab flooring can cost your company in time, money, and resources. See how incorporating chemically resistant resin flooring can help you create a well-functioning lab room.

Chemical Resistant Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Pharmaceutical laboratories function under many safety and procedural guidelines created both internally and by governing agencies. These guidelines create safe, controlled spaces for scientific research, testing, and analysis. Cleaning and sanitizing the workspaces in the room help to keep the environment controlled and the testing conditions stable.

In this way, lab flooring is a principal factor for lab safety and efficiency as lab environments often involve contact with acids, bases, and reactive materials. It must be resistant to these chemicals to prevent erosion or damage to the floor’s surface. The right lab flooring can facilitate lab operations while keeping team members safe from both chemical reactions and unsanitary materials.

chemical-resistant epoxy floor in laboratory

The chemical resistance of epoxy is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your laboratory space. Without considering chemical resistance, you might notice that:

  • The floors wear down faster than they should.
  • Your facility frequently must stop work for flooring maintenance.
  • Unsightly staining is becoming a problem.
  • Your floors are warping due to the lack of protection.
  • Flooring is being cited during safety inspections.

Resinous floor coatings, often referred to colloquially as epoxy flooring, can provide both chemical resistance as well as durability. For commercial and industrial facilities, this solution is preferred to something like residential epoxy paint. Professional installation involves creating a flooring system that can address the requirements of an individual space.

What to Look for in Chemically Resistant Lab Flooring

To ensure safety and productivity, laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry need flooring and wall systems that follow industry best practices. At a minimum, the space should meet health and safety standards set by governing agencies such as the FDA and OSHA. FDA regulation 21 CFR 211.42(c)(10)(v) recommends that qualifying pharmaceutical facilities have “a system for cleaning and disinfecting the room and equipment to produce aseptic conditions.”

Porous materials such as concrete, cement, carpets, and wood simply do not hold up to this standard. They allow moisture and microorganisms to sink into the materials, which can be difficult to get out when cleaning and sanitizing the surface. This type of flooring, left unprotected and unsealed, can break down easier and faster with each spill and every cleaning.

The benefits of resinous flooring systems make epoxy resins great laboratory flooring solutions. Optional additives and installation methods make these flooring systems adaptable to the particular needs of a space. Some of the benefits of using resin for laboratory flooring solutions include:

Antibacterial properties – Cleanliness and sanitary standards apply to laboratories as much as the substances being tested. Epoxy and resinous flooring solutions can help to combat bacteria growth on the lab’s floors.

Antimicrobial properties – Antimicrobial properties can be especially important to laboratories, cleanrooms, and spaces where mold and fungi growth could compromise work efforts.

Corrosion resistance – Substances will not degrade the flooring as quickly and easily as they would on unprotected flooring substrates. This aspect can increase the performance and longevity of the coating, leading to less repair and upkeep over time.

Seamless application – Seamless installation provides a surface free of cracks to protect against moisture, mold, bacteria, and other safety risks. Microorganisms can multiply and spread contamination when moisture or chemicals get into crevices. The smooth surface that results from seamless resin applications means fewer spaces for mildew and fungi to grow. When paired with regular cleaning, this process can uphold antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics.

FDA and regulation compliance – A professional resin flooring contractor with experience in commercial and industrial installations can create floor and wall systems that meet FDA and OSHA regulations, even for pharmaceutical laboratories and cleanrooms. Consult an expert to discuss your space’s flooring requirements.

Want more tips on how to choose the right flooring system for your pharmaceutical facilities? Check out our pharmaceutical flooring guide here.

Finding the Right Resin Floor Coating Contractor

The key to a successful resin flooring installation depends on the team behind the install. When quality and performance are a priority, pharmaceutical organizations turn to trusted contractors like Surface Technology, Inc.

We offer a variety of industrial flooring, coating, lining, and wall systems, including:

  • Acrylic (MMA)
  • Anti-slip Flooring
  • Antimicrobial Flooring
  • Corrosion Resistant Flooring
  • Epoxy Mortar Flooring
  • Novalac Epoxy
  • Vinyl Ester
  • Polyurea
  • Secondary Containment Coatings and Linings
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring
  • Urethane Cement Flooring
  • 5S Floor Markings

Working with an independent flooring contractor means that your projects are not restricted to just one brand for materials. The ideal solution may instead involve a mix of materials from varied brands, allowing the best products for the job to be applied.

The Surface Technology process allows our team to assess, install, and guarantee quality results for industrial and commercial businesses across the United States. We start with a consultation to learn about your project goals. Next, we design a custom solution that addresses your project’s budget, timeline, and standards. We understand that the backbone of a durable finished project starts with adequate preparation. Our team will clean and prepare the space prior to resin application. Then we will install the flooring with efficiency and care to get the desired results.

Considering resin flooring systems for your pharmaceutical laboratory? Learn more about our process and/or contact us for a quote.

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