Surface Technology Inc. Provides Quick Industrial Flooring Turnaround for Paragon Foods

LANCASTER, Pa.PRLog — Surface Technology Inc., an innovative leader in the planning and installation of food processing flooring solutions, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a fast-track flooring project for Paragon Foods.

Paragon Foods, a well-known specialty foods distributor, was a few steps away from completing construction on a new facility in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. As part of the project, they were creating a 10,000-square-foot “Just Cut Room” that would significantly increase their vegetable and fruit processing capabilities. This part of the new facility would allow Paragon Foods to better supply fresh-cut fruits and vegetables to clients ranging from groceries to medical care facilities.

Paragon Foods knew what it needed and when they needed it: a General Polymers FasTop 12S Urethane Slurry flooring system, installed during a 7-day window between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The deadline was tight; when Surface Technology President Mike Greenblatt received the call, it was deep into the year and many of the typical installation windows were quickly closing. The time period between Christmas and New Year’s is particularly busy since many plants plan to shutdown during that time.

“It was a perfect job, but scheduled at one of the busiest times of the year for everyone in the floor coatings industry,” Greenblatt said. “They were going to have a difficult time finding someone to provide the quick turnaround time on short notice.”

If Paragon Foods couldn’t find a contractor to complete the work, their construction schedule was in jeopardy. Greenblatt sensed the urgency and massaged Surface Technology’s schedule to accommodate the work. “This is a great facility, and a great project, so we made it happen,” he said. “Our professional food processing floor installers have a ton of experience with FasTop 12S, so I knew they had the know-how to complete the job during the 7-day window.”

The project included shot-blasting the new concrete surface, cleaning it, prepping the area to ensure proper drainage, then laying down the urethane coating and adding a binder resin to finish the job. Surface Technology also added a cove base around the perimeter of the room to protect against water, bacteria, and insects. Cove bases have the added benefit of making the room easy to clean and disinfect—a must in the food processing industry.

“It was 100mph from beginning to end, but when you have a tight-knit team that knows the product you can make miracles happen,” Greenblatt said. “We’ve been in business since 1988, and our project leader Roland King has over 20 years of experience. His dedication to excellence was the driving force behind our success in this food factory flooring project.”

Surface Technology completed the work on time and at a level of perfection that speaks to their longstanding reputation for excellence in the industrial flooring industry. To read complete details about the project, see this issue of CoatingsPro Magazine at

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