Surface Technology Named Award Winner for 2018 CoatingsPro Contractor Awards

LANCASTER, Pa. – June 7, 2018PRLog — Surface Technology, a leader in industrial flooring and wall system design and installation, received a coveted Industrial Project Contractor Award in the competitive industrial concrete division during the annual NACE conference. The award, presented by CoatingsPro magazine, is designed to recognize and honor industrial coating firms that have demonstrated exceptional skill and capability.

The award was presented to Surface Technology for its exemplary work in completing the flooring system for a Valicor facility in Memphis, Tennessee. The building houses Valicor’s oil processing facility, where used oil is moved through a variety of recycling, regeneration and reclamation processes that allow used oil to be re-purposed. The technical and scheduling requirements for the facility were particularly challenging and required close management and obsessive attention to detail.

To ensure success, Surface Technology delivered an intricately planned and executed operation that spanned a two-month period. The firm completely reconditioned the existing concrete floor using a combination of shot blasting, demolition and repair of weak areas, and deep fill epoxy grout. After the floor surface was expertly reconditioned and prepared, an epoxy mortar & urethane cement surface was applied, diamond ground and finished with an epoxy finish coat.

During the project, Surface Technology overcame a variety of challenges. Flooring materials require specific temperatures to cure, but the project area was unheated and the work was completed during the late fall in cold weather. To compensate for the curing demands of the material in an unheated space, Surface Technology set up temporary, environmentally-controlled sectors to protect and warm the concrete floor surface and the applied materials during the application and curing process.

“This project was extremely complex and required the use of our most experienced crews, foremen and project managers. There were a large number of things that had to be executed perfectly in regard to the accelerated completion schedule, as well as in the complex material application process and environmental controls of the project,” said Michael Greenblatt, President of Surface Technology Inc.

Greenblatt is proud of the completed project and is pleased to be recognized with a CoatingsPro Contractor Award. “Delivering a high-quality finished project is what we are known for, but being able to do it on short notice—while dealing with cold temperatures and a tight schedule—is a real accomplishment. It’s an excellent demonstration of our professionalism and ability to get the job done, even in challenging conditions,” Greenblatt said.

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