What to Consider When Choosing Industrial Flooring

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage processing, aviation, or looking for the best flooring solution for growing cannabis, your needs and requirements are unique. When it comes to industrial and commercial flooring systems in your place of business, don’t settle for a sub-standard flooring system. Choosing the right floors for your space can increase safety, reduce upkeep, protect expensive equipment and provide the long-term durability you require to improve efficiency.

Cannabis Facility Flooring

Cleanliness, temperature and proper lighting are essential to creating the perfect growth conditions for cannabis cultivation. Anti-microbial floors protect vulnerable plants from bacteria, fungi and insects by sealing off the gaps and crevices where these dangers can hide. Non-slip flooring ensures your growing room floor is safe when your employees are tending to plants, monitoring plant development and harvesting buds.

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Pharmaceutical Flooring

When it comes to the production of medical drugs and supplies, maintaining superior levels of safety and cleanliness are critical. FDA approved flooring, which includes wall and lining systems that meets strict safety standards, are needed for industrial-scale production of medication. Laboratories, medical processing facilities need to be sanitary and easy to clean. It is vitally important to choose a flooring installation company that is well regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for customized, industrial flooring solutions, designed specifically for cGMP operations.

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Food Processing Flooring

Maintaining a hygienic facility is of utmost importance when it comes to food processing. Durable, high-performance food-grade flooring that can stand up to the rigors of frequent cleaning, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and heavy vehicle traffic are necessary in food and beverage processing plants. USDA approved flooring, such as epoxy flooring, urethane, acrylic (MMA), polyurea, and others discourage bacterial growth and provide a non-slip surface to keep employees safe in your production facility.

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Aviation Hangar Flooring

Visually attractive, high functioning and long-lasting are all key qualities when it comes to selecting a flooring system for your aircraft hangar or aerospace facility. Epoxy and polyurethane flooring materials are designed specifically for aircraft hangars. Such commercial grade flooring provides durability, water, chemical and solvent resistance, abrasion and slip resistance – all key components of keeping your aviation hangar flooring safe and functioning.

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Why Choose Surface Technology, Inc.?

Whether you are processing food, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, facilitating the growth of medical cannabis or need a floor coating for an aircraft hangar, there is a wide range of specialty epoxy coatings for your needs. The professional installers at Surface Technology can design your floor system to be skid-resistant, hygienic, electrostatic dissipative (ESD), conductive and much more, depending upon your unique requirements. Our team of highly skilled tradesmen averages over 20 years of experience installing resinous floor systems – the highest in the industry!

Based in Lancaster, PA, Surface Technology, Inc. serves clients nationwide. High-profile companies, such as Hershey, Harley Davidson and Pfizer, rely on Surface Technology to protect, restore, and enhance their facilities’ most critical workspaces. We have been recognized by national publications, trade associations and construction professionals as a performance and quality leader among commercial and industrial flooring contractors.

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